Local Cuisine

Local Cuisine

If you’re attending a conference in Seoul, there’s no better way to spend your free time than exploring some of the incredible cuisine that this unique city has to offer.

From delicious traditional dishes like bibimbap and kimchi soup, to modern takes on classic favorites like pork-katsu burgers and tteokbokki tacos, there’s something for everyone in Seoul’s foodie scene – it just takes a little exploration!

Whether you’re looking for an adventurous dinner with friends or just want to grab a quick snack between meetings, read on to find out more about the amazing local cuisine available in Seoul.


Sam-gyeopsalgui (Pork belly)

Pork belly is a food that is ubiquitous in the world, but Korean Sam-gyeopsal is more special due to the special sauce “ssamjang.” Sam-gyeopsal is traditionally grilled on an open fire and served with vegetables.

So Bulgogi (Beef hotpot)

This dish is a favorite of tourists when traveling to Korea! Boiled beef mixed with vegetables, the sweet and savory beef is perfect for a chilly Seoul night.

Tteok-bokki (Stir-fried Rice Cake) & Fries

It's hard to find a Korean who doesn't like Tteok-bokki! Koreans have grown up eating tteok-bokki at home and at school since childhood. It’s made by adding a spicy sauce to rice cakes and goes perfectly with fries.


Bibimbap is made by mixing red pepper paste and a variety of vegetables with rice.

Korean Corn Dogs

These corn dogs have been brought to Korea from abroad and changed into unique Korean styles. They are long sausages coated in flour dough and breadcrumbs, deep-fried, and then sprinkled with sugar and ketchup. There are also corn dogs with cheese and potatoes.

Fried Chicken

A favorite late-night snack among Koreans. Fried chicken restaurants sell chicken in different flavors, one of the most popular is “Chimaek” which combines chicken and draft beer.


A fish-shaped bread that made with red bean paste in wheat flour dough. Flavors also include cream puffs and cheese.