Abstract Submission

Abstract Submission

How do I submit an abstract and/or an abstract with a surgical film?
All abstracts and surgical films must be submitted online. Visit www.igcsmeeting.com/submit-an-abstract/ to view the topics, guidelines and access the submission portal. The submission guidelines document found on the website will answer many of your questions and the submission portal takes you through the process step by step.

May I present more than one abstract?
Although there is no limit to the number of submitted abstracts, each individual can be assigned as a presenter of a maximum of five (5) abstracts.

When will I find out if my submission has been accepted?
Notification of acceptance will occur in mid-June via email. Further instructions regarding presentation specifics will be sent at the time of the acceptance letter. Selected abstracts will be assigned as oral presentations, featured posters, and/or poster presentations. Visit the Abstract Submission page for further details and guidelines.

When is the abstract submission deadline?
The deadline for abstracts and surgical films is May 8, 2023, at 11:59 pm KST (UTC+9). The trials-in-progress deadline is August 21, 2023, at 11:59 pm KST (UTC +9). There will be no extensions for submission deadlines.

Will there be a late-breaking abstract submission?
Yes, we are excited to accept abstracts that meet the late-breaking criteria of the meeting. Late-breaking abstract submission will open on May 23, 2023, and the deadline to submit is August 21, 2023, at 11:59 pm KST (UTC +9). Notifications will be sent in mid-September. For more details, visit the Abstract Submission page.

If my abstract is accepted, what is the presentation format?
Presenters of an oral abstract in a plenary session will be provided with instructions for the live session along with the date and time of the session(s). Abstracts may also be accepted for oral featured posters or poster presentations. Details, specifications, and instructions for each presentation type will be sent with the acceptance letters in mid-June. Individuals chosen to present surgical films will receive presentation details in mid-June as well.

If my abstract is accepted, am I required to register for the meeting?
Yes. The presenting author of an accepted abstract or film must be registered for the meeting.

Can I submit a trial in progress?
Yes. Trials in Progress abstract submissions will be accepted as poster presentations. The clinical trial ID number must be submitted with the abstract. Visit the Abstract Submission page for further details.

I submitted a Trial in Progress abstract for the IGCS 2022 Meeting in NYC and now I can submit new data on the same trial. Can I submit it as a new Trial in Progress abstract for the IGCS 2023 Meeting in Seoul?
As long as the abstract represents new and unpublished data on your Trial in Progress, you can submit it for the IGCS 2023 Meeting.

Can I submit a case report as an abstract?
IGCS does not accept case reports as abstracts at this time.

My project is already published elsewhere or is planned to be published before IGCS 2023 takes place. Can I still submit it?
Please note, as per the IGCS 2023 Submission Guidelines, submitted abstracts must represent new, unpublished scientific data at the time of presentation. Visit the Abstract Submission page for further details.

When will abstracts be released on the IGCS 2023 website?
Visit the IGCS 2023 Abstract Embargo Release Policy page for the exact dates and further details.

Who should I contact with questions regarding abstract submission?
Questions regarding the abstract submission process should be sent to igcs_abstracts@kenes.com.

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