IGCS 2020 Digital Speaker Ready Room

Welcome to the IGCS 2020 Annual Global Meeting speaker resources page. This page is designed to guide you through the speaker process including resources, instructions, and deadlines as course faculty. Follow the steps outlined below. If you have any questions contact education@igcs.org.

Step 1: Immediate Action


Step 2: Review by July 17


Step 3: Due August 7
  • Submit biography for the meeting portal
    • This bio will be availble to all delegates within the Meeting Portal. Please note when preparing your bio that the minimum character limit is 300 and the maximum is 500. You can check character count with this free online too: charactercountonline.com.
  • Upload Materials to shared folder (password sent vie email. Contact education@igcs.org for log-in issues.)
    • Headshot (.png or .jpg file types accepted.)
    • PPT slides
    • Recording file
  • Attend live speaker training workshop
  • Submit e-poster file & optional audio recording (directions forthcoming)